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Two Way Pallet

2 way Pallets

A 2-way pallet has two openings that allow a forklift or pallet jack to slide its blades under to lift.

The stringer boards on these pallets are solid which prevents entry from forklift or pallet jack blades from the side.

Four Way Pallet

4 Way Pallets

A 4-way pallet allows forklift or pallet jack blade access from four directions.

The stringer boards on these pallets have notches that allow for blade access from the sides, as well as from the openings between the stringer boards.

Wing Pallet

Wing Pallets

Winged pallets can look just like 2-way or 4-way pallets, except that the deck boards that freight is placed on overhang a bit further than normal.

This allows the pallet to hold more weight than would normally be possible on pallets that don’t have overhanging boards.

Pallet Recycling & Disposal

R.L.R. Sales L.L.C., dba Pallet Recyclers is in search of businesses looking for a way to get rid of both good and bad pallets. We take care of many customers in the region that have pallets that need to be disposed of. If you have pallets that you are looking to get rid of, Pallet Recyclers has the solution!

How it Works:

We spot a 48’ storage trailer at your business. Once you fill the trailer, give us a call and we will come and pick it up and exchange it with an empty trailer at NO CHARGE (depending on the quality of pallets).  Pallet Recyclers will then sort through the good pallets and reuse any lumber that we can from the bad pallets.  All of the scrap and unused material is used in our Mulch and Wood Pellet divisions.  There is a minimum of 300 pallets per 48’ trailer. All of the product that is picked up must be free of any paper, cardboard, and plastic.  This recycling process is a great way to support our environment!

  • Pallets must be stacked as neat as possible
  • No Trash! (Examples: Plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, food waste, gloves, bottles, cans, etc.) Trailer must be filled as full as possible
  • Other outside source of pallet pickup (Example: Public coming in and taking the good skids and leaving the junk.)
  • Allow Pallet Recyclers 1-3 days to swap out pallet trailers (This may vary depending on the weather)

What we are looking for:

  • 48” x 40” Grade A and B, 4 way pallets
  • Core pallets (may pay for depending on quality)


We don’t just recycle pallets. We sell them too!

Get access to high-quality, repaired and recycled wooden pallets wherever and whenever you need them. Whether you need your old pallets repaired, or require custom sizing for new pallets, we’ve got you covered. Pick them up on-site, or request delivery!

  • Custom sizing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient delivery options
  • Heat-treated and repaired

We can even pick up your old scrap pallets and deliver freshly refurbished pallets direct to your site.

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